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Pre-Authorisation: +27 12 679 4141



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Profmed Annual General Meeting,
Tuesday 2 June 2020, 15:30.

As a leading medical aid scheme, Profmed provides an exceptional range of comprehensive benefits and affordable medical cover while remaining committed to maintaining our competitive contributions.


As the largest restricted medical aid scheme for professionals in South Africa,

Profmed offers:

  • Quality and affordable medical cover
  • Medical cover tailored to suit the lifestyle of professionals
  • Financially stable solvency levels in excess of statutory requirements

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Profmed app

Profmed’s vision is to address the healthcare needs of professionals through appropriate benefit design.

Profmed baby

There is so much to learn about being pregnant that it may seem overwhelming. Profmed Baby will provide you with support to make this journey enjoyable!

You will receive informative communication for the duration of your pregnancy. We also have some useful tips for Dad-to-be.

Multiply wellness and rewards programme

Encourages members to lead a healthy lifestyle by providing incentives and rewarding members when certain levels of fitness or wellness are achieved.