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You’re Expecting.

Finding out that you are expecting a baby is one of the most exciting experiences of your life. It’s also one of the most overwhelming, particularly for first-time parents. There is so much to learn about being pregnant – where do you begin?

Profmed Baby will provide you with support to make this an enjoyable journey.

With Profmed Baby, your pregnancy checklist will be ready, your hospital bag will be packed, and you will be completely prepared for when the moment arrives and you get to hold your beautiful bundle of joy.

Welcoming your newborn baby


As soon as your baby is born and registered on the Scheme, you will receive an ICE-TAG (In Case of Emergency) tag. The tag can be affixed to the strap of baby’s nappy bag or car seat strap. The tag will contain information that will speak on behalf of your baby in the event of a medical emergency but will not reveal the personal identity of baby to ensure their security.

In today’s busy world there will be times when your little bundle of joy will be in the care of a caregiver or perhaps a family member or friend. In these instances, and in the event of a medical emergency, the tag will provide the necessary information so your baby can be assisted quickly and appropriately.

Ice-Tags is available to members on all options. When you register baby on Profmed, we will dispatch a tag to you reflecting your Profmed membership number and the medical emergency number to call. This is at no cost to you.


Having a newborn baby can turn your life upside down. Our registered nurse will come to you to administer your baby’s 6-week immunisations in the comfort of your home. The registered nurse will also do a general check-up, ensuring you and your baby are in good health and will be available to assist with any questions or problems you are experiencing.

The post-natal home visit is available on the ProSecure, ProSecure Savvy, ProSecure Plus and ProSecure Plus Savvy options, paid from risk as part of the Maternity Programme. On the ProPinnacle and ProPinnacle Savvy options, this benefit will be funded from the available overall annual day-to-day limit.

Members on the ProActive, ProActive Savvy, ProActive Plus and ProActive Plus Savvy options may make use of this service provided by SA Home Care at their own cost.

On all options, the vaccines will be paid from the Preventative Care benefit.

As soon as you register baby as a beneficiary on Profmed, you will have access to this benefit. It is therefore important to register your baby as soon as possible after birth. If you are on a qualifying option, SA Home Care will be in touch with you to set up an appointment at a time convenient to you.

Alternatively, you can contact SA Home Care on 072 129 3084.

ICE-TAGS is offering a 15% discount off all their medical information products, to Profmed members. You can order additional ICE-TAGS for yourself or any one of your dependants registered on Profmed. Visit to place an order, at your own cost.

What does Profmed Baby offer?

Once you have registered on the programme you will receive:

  • A special gift from Profmed. Choose a hamper from our carefully selected gift list
  • Informative tips and advice from our experts. We’ll not only cover the medical and emotional aspects of your pregnancy, but also give you practical advice on getting the nursery ready and what to pack for the hospital
  • The New Baby & Childcare Handbook by Marina Petropulos for first-time Profmed Baby registrants
  • A fridge magnet for easy access to the list of immunisations according to the Department of Health

Get the latest baby related content from our Profmed Baby blog.

Your gift will be couriered to you within 24 days from the date of registration on the programme.

For moms living outside South Africa or in the SADC Region, the gift will only be delivered to a South African address.

Should you require further information regarding Profmed Baby, please email or contact 0860 776 363.

With Profmed, your child’s immunisations are covered

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