You’re Expecting.

Finding out that you are expecting a baby is one of the most exciting experiences of your life. There is so much to learn about being pregnant – where do you begin?

Tums2Tots is here to add to the excitement by supporting you on your journey.

Welcoming your newborn baby


We know you like having choices.

You can choose from products and services that suit your needs, depending on the option you are on. You will be allocated a certain number of Pebbles, which you can exchange for the services and products of your choice.

You will have access to the designer Swag Bag for mom, a gift hamper for baby, the Marina Petropulos Baby & Childcare Handbook, a six-week nurse home visit and vaccinations, and meal vouchers. The Momcierge VIP Club gives you access to discounts on parent and baby-related services and events, baby exercise classes, a dad readiness workshop, online health and wellness videos, and more.

The dedicated call centre provides assistance with your questions, and you will receive personalised content relevant to your pregnancy.


As soon as your baby is born and registered on the Scheme, you will receive an ICE-TAG (In Case of Emergency) tag. The tag can be affixed to the strap of baby’s nappy bag or car seat strap. The tag will contain information that will speak on behalf of your baby in the event of a medical emergency but will not reveal the personal identity of baby to ensure their security.

In today’s busy world there will be times when your little bundle of joy will be in the care of a caregiver or perhaps a family member or friend. In these instances, and in the event of a medical emergency, the tag will provide the necessary information so your baby can be assisted quickly and appropriately.

Ice-Tags is available to members on all options. When you register baby on Profmed, we will dispatch a tag to you reflecting your Profmed membership number and the medical emergency number to call. This is at no cost to you.

ICE-TAGS is offering a 15% discount off all their medical information products, to Profmed members. You can order additional ICE-TAGS for yourself or any one of your dependants registered on Profmed. Visit to place an order, at your own cost.

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