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What is a Designated Service Provider Network?

A Designated Service Provider (DSPN) is a healthcare provider or group of providers designated by the Scheme to provide services to our members for the diagnosis, treatment and care of medical conditions, including PMB conditions. Using a DSPN ensures that you receive the most appropriate treatment to facilitate better outcomes. If you use a non-DSPN you will be liable for any co-payment over and above what is charged by the DSPN.

The Scheme’s DSPNs apply to both Premium and Savvy options. Hospitalisation on the Savvy options is subject to use of the Savvy Network hospitals. Hospitalisation on the ProSelect option is subject to use of the ProSelect Network hospitals.

Voluntary use of a non-DSPN will result in a co-payment.

List of Designated Service Provider Networks

Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation
South African National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (SANCA)

Click here to search for a network optometrist

Chronic Dialysis
National Renal Care, Life Healthcare, Mediclinic

Oncology – PET Scans
Bloch & Partners at Morningside Clinic (applies to greater Johannesburg region only)

Day Procedure Network
Netcare, Mediclinic, National Hospital Network (NHN) facilities and Joint Medical Holdings (JMH)

Profmed Pharmacy Network
Click here to search for a network pharmacy

Domiciliary (Home) Oxygen
Ecomed Medical cc

Preventative Care – Pathology
Ampath, Lancet Laboratories and Pathcare

Emergency Medical Transport (EMT) (Within RSA)
Netcare 911
082 911

Psychiatric Hospitalisation
Akeso (Netcare), Denmar (Mediclinic), participating Joint Medical Holdings (JMH) hospitals and National Hospital Network (NHN) facilities and Life Healthcare

Endoscopic Examinations Premium Options
Netcare, Life Healthcare, Clinix, National Hospital Network (NHN), Mediclinic and Joint Medical Holdings (JMH) hospitals

Post-Natal Home-based Care

Endoscopic Examinations in an acute hospital setting on the Savvy options
Savvy Network hospitals as listed here.

ProSelect Option Network Hospitals
Mediclinic, Life Healthcare, National Hospital Network (NHN) facilities and Joint Medical Holdings (JMH) hospitals with the exception of benefits for psychiatric hospitalisation, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, physical rehabilitation, subject to pre-authorisation, rules and protocols. Click here to find a hospital

Endoscopic Examinations in an acute hospital setting: ProSelect Option
ProSelect Network hospitals as listed here.

Savvy Network Hospitals
Mediclinic, Life Healthcare and other specified National Hospital Network (NHN) and Netcare hospitals. Click here to find a network hospital

International Travel Medical Assistance
International SOS
+27 11 541 1225

Trauma and HIV Assistance Programme
 0861 776 363

Oncology – Chemotherapy and Biologicals
Dis-Chem Pharmacy and Medipost

WHISPA Gender Based Violence Support Programme