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Episode 5: Profmed pregnant

Cue the baby shower, Braxton Hicks and, hospital bag check. Interested to see how the pair are holding up? Watch the next instalment of #ProfmedPregnant…

Profmed Stress Index 2020

Check out the results of our annual stress index survey where we ask professionals from across South Africa both how they are affected by, as well as what contributes to their levels of stress. The 2020 results are even more interesting to note, with the effects of COVID-19 and lockdowns across the country also being taken into account. …

COVID-19 and Profmed – Christoff Raath

Actuary Christoff Raath, on COVID-19 and the Future of Medical Aid…


The serial Entrepreneur and futurist chats about careers, adaptability, and COVID

Mike Sharman chats to Musa Kalenga about challenges and opportunities in a business world that is busy trying to survive the COVID pandemic….


Understanding and coping with anxiety in a COVID-19 world

2020 has been a challenging year for both professionals and business owners. We’re so focused on the tug of war between our economic and physical health that our mental health has fallen by the wayside….


Vulnerable employees in the workplace

What does an employer do when they cannot afford to pay vulnerable employees who cannot be accommodated in the workplace?…


Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act

Personal information is everywhere. It is almost impossible to do business these days without collecting the personal information of customers, suppliers, and employees….


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