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The Professional – a podcast series for the future: Navigating the changing world of professionals

“A professional is not a grey old man in a suit,” says Craig Comrie, CEO of Profmed Medical Scheme. “A professional is someone who thinks deeply, in a balanced way, drives innovation and grows businesses that provides opportunities for others.”…

Counselling A Nation

Why profile a clinical psychologist who insists on looking back? The answer lies in where we find ourselves as a nation. We are stuck, experiencing cycles of violence, says Nomfundo Mogapi, cycles that we will unlikely be able to resolve until we change something that allows us to emerge out of a place of hopelessness.

This Doctor Will Make You Smile

Machine learning, big data and artificial intelligence – those catchphrases of the fourth industrial revolution – will eat many of our jobs. That’s inevitable. Profmed’s podcast series The Professional has been looking into how the world of work is busy adapting in surprising ways to our tech revolution. …