With toddlers and discipline, consistency is key

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If you and your partner haven’t already had a heart-to-heart about discipline, now’s the time. You may be surprised to discover that your views are quite different, and the one thing your child needs most right now is consistency.

Naturally, you each had different experiences in your own childhood that will shape your approach to discipline, but you’ll need to find an approach you both can agree on.

​Your toddler and rules

Your little one is starting to recognise what’s allowed and what isn’t, which makes now the perfect time to test some rules to see how you react. Remember, your baby is growing up and learning her place in the world, and finding her boundaries is part of that growth.

Pay attention to what she’s doing and praise behaviours you like and ignore those you want to discourage.

Tantrums will probably also become more common as your child struggles to master new skills and situations. Anticipate your little one’s tantrum triggers, such as being tired or hungry, and help head

Get on the same page

Your child can do well in either a strict or a lenient household (with limits on each end), but divisions in the home could be harmful. She won’t know what’s expected of her and will quickly figure out how to play one of you against the other. So, sit down and talk things out. Get your strategies ready. Reading, thinking, and working together to develop a plan are a simple, effective approach that has stood the test of time. Remember, the most important thing you give your child after love is discipline.

If you don’t agree in the moment, take the discussion out of the room and present a unified front. Consistency is key – your child will respond to discipline as long as she knows she is safe and loved.