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This year we will embark on highlighting and telling the stories of inspirational individuals, teams and communities who through sharing their journeys connect us, and collectively give us so much more to #BelieveIn as South Africans.

Ultimately we are showcasing your brilliance and “being the change” we wish to see in South Africa around us!

#BelieveIn purpose.
#BelieveIn connection.
#BelieveIn yourself and those around you.

Because when you believe, you exceed even that which you thought you could greatly achieve.

In 2020, Good Things Guy will turn five years old, and to celebrate becoming South Africa’s top Good News site, they’ve decided to partner with us, Profmed, on a campaign that is celebrating the things that we #BelieveIn. When sitting down to discuss the #BelieveIn concept, we realised it was almost perfect, as we both believed in the same thing.

#BelieveIn Vlogs

Pepe Marais

“I #BelieveIn South Africa because I deeply believe that it is destined to be a shining example to the world” – Pepe Marais

Kath Dewar

Today, Kath is a young, successful, award-winning architect, and this is how she chose to grow through #thespacebetween on her journey towards achieving her goals.

Craig Comrie

We #BelieveIn the future of South Africa because of the role that our professionals are playing in creating and driving solutions that will uplift our country and communities.

And for this, we thank you.