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When you start planning a family holiday, the last thing you think about is the anxiety that can be coupled with travelling with a toddler. You only think about the special memories you’ll make and the fun that you’ll have with your little tribe. But the reality is that travelling on any given day can be stressful, throw a tiny human that demands attention into the mix, and you have a recipe for some panic!

We don’t want you to run for the hills before your holiday even starts, so the next time you’re planning a trip with your kids keep these nifty tips in mind.

1. Plan ahead

Make sure you plan your week before you leave on your holiday, buy things you need to take with and making little heaps of items you need to pack in.

2. Make lists

Make as many lists as you need. It’s good to start with a list of the obvious things you’ll need to pack like toiletries, medicine, clothes and shoes, food stuffs and so on. Kids have so much stuff and it’s easy to forget something unless you plan ahead.

3. Pack everything in heaps

Make small stacks of the things you need to pack into suitcases, this will allow you to see what you still need to get and also if you are packing to many unnecessary things.

4. Pack a day in advance

Start packing the actual bags and suitcases the day before you leave. Keep only the things you still need and pack them the morning before you start travelling.

5. Activities

Make sure you have a plan of activities you’ll do with your toddler while travelling. Whether you’re travelling by car or flying to your destination make sure you are prepared to keep your little one busy on the journey.

6. Trip advisor

This is only applicable when travelling by car but make the journey part of the adventure. Stop in small towns, pack a picnic for lunch and see some of the attractions along the way.

Whether you’re planning your next family holiday now or if you’ve just returned from a trip be sure to keep these easy tips close by to help you take the hassle out of travelling with a toddler.