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A network hospital is a medical facility that has an agreement with a particular medical scheme to provide medical services to their members at a pre-approved rate.

This means that when members visit a network hospital or network day clinic, they typically have access to certain medical services at a reduced cost or with no out-of-pocket expenses, depending on their benefit option.

Here are five reasons why it makes medical and financial sense to select a Profmed network option:

1. Cost savings:

Profmed has negotiated rates with the network hospitals on the ProSelect option and Savvy options. These rates ensure lower benefit contributions and reduced out-of-pocket expenses, which makes private healthcare in South Africa more affordable. For example, every Profmed option has a Savvy equivalent, which has allowed for a 10% discounted contribution if members use a hospital in our Savvy network. We have also negotiated preferential rates for specific day procedures. These procedures can be done at day clinics instead of hospitals and can cost up to 30% less, with the same clinical outcomes. We are encouraging members to speak to their doctors regarding referrals to these clinics.We are excited about the shift in how we approach procedures that can be conducted in day clinics, because they often mean a lower risk of hospital-acquired infections and earlier discharges to go home. This is also supported by our home care initiative.

2. Quality care:

Selecting the best network hospitals and day clinics is paramount to the level of care that Profmed members receive. Together with our actuaries, we have now refined the networks after an intensive review of the best and most efficient hospitals that Profmed members have access to.

3. Convenient locations:

Because of an extensive footprint, network hospitals may be located in more convenient locations for members, which can make it easier to access medical care when needed.


Selecting benefit options that support network hospitals

Profmed has a list of network hospitals that members can choose from. These hospitals have agreed to a specific fee schedule for their services, which is typically lower than the fees charged by non-network hospitals. This fee schedule is negotiated between Profmed and the hospital groups that are included in the Scheme’s networks.

Our list of hospitals for the ProSelect option (ProSelect hospital network) and the Savvy options (Savvy hospital network) is available at here to guide you to a hospital that is convenient for you.


When selecting a network hospital, consider the following:

Review your benefits:

Understand the benefits of network hospitals and which hospitals are in your network. Consider any restrictions or benefits not covered on your option.

Consider your healthcare needs:

If you have a chronic condition or need specialised care, you may require treatment at a Centre of Excellence. If you require a procedure that can take place at a day clinic, speak to your doctor about a referral.

Choose wisely:

Before you select a network option, ensure that your preferred healthcare provider consults from a network hospital and that the hospital is on the network.

Overall, choosing the best network option requires careful consideration of your healthcare needs, and personal preferences. By considering hospital location and accessibility, you can make an informed decision that best meets your healthcare needs.