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The Mathe-magician: how purpose and analytical thinking intersect to drive success

Born in Soweto, Mmabatho Mokiti, like her parents before her, believes that we are the designers of our own lives and that we can script the way we want to live. But first, we need to find our purpose, and be willing to learn, to adapt, and to serve others.

These are her life lessons, and the philosophy that she is using to play her part in building a better South Africa.

Education breaks the cycle of poverty

“My grandfather moved from rural Mpumalanga to Johannesburg with eight children. He made sure that they all received an education, and they in turn did the same for their children. That’s how one man broke the cycle of poverty for our entire family.

“I launched my first business, a tutoring company when I was 18, and  and 10 years later DreamGirls Academy with my friends, to help township girls where I came from. We give them the gift my grandfather gave us. So far, 5 000 young women and girls have received higher learning through our programme and are learning what life can offer with the freedom of education.”


Build solutions that enable people to live their best lives

“The tenet of success in the modern age is living out your purpose, and nowhere is this truer than in South Africa, where there is such an impact we can make with the right focus and solutions. I didn’t study mathematics to become an actuary. I launched businesses. I did my masters in monitoring and evaluation because I saw a gap in the market that I believed we could fill.

“Today, I work with corporates on their CSI strategies across the entire value chain. I design and present a strategy, see its implementation and then gather data and evaluate it to ensure that it’s delivering sustainable, impactful and long-lasting change.

“There are so many ways to enable ourselves and each other if we design our lives to fulfil a specific purpose – even if that purpose shifts as we grow and change.”


To find better solutions, we need to expand our horizons

“I’ve always been a traveller. I’ve visited close to 100 countries; most  on my own. This has opened my networks, expanded my horizons and allowed me to build new perspectives and viewpoints, which I have brought home to create real solutions to the challenges we face as a nation.

“I’ve interacted with CEO’s, and heads of States, and lived with a woman in a hut in a rice field in Vietnam. There is so much to learn, but we have to embrace new experiences.

“Life is all about connecting the dots. Every single thing that we do and that happens to us influences the next thing coming up. Good and bad things happen, but there’s always a lesson that propels us to the next level. My entire life is connecting the dots. This is how we can change the world.

“We create linearity in our lives. It’s no one else’s job to do that for us. We must do it for ourselves.”


The professional’s purpose is to lead change

“2020 has taught us that change – and the ability to change – is critical. How quickly can you change yourself and your career when a need comes along? The more we can adapt, the more we can thrive in a situation. The good news is that human beings are built this way. We were designed to be the drivers of change.

“This is an age of dynamism. There is no place for people who play small. Our country and her people are facing incredible challenges. It’s up to us as professionals to step out of our comfort zones so that we may develop solutions for people who can’t create solutions themselves.”


Supporting South Africa’s Future Professionals

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