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At Profmed, we put our members first, which is why we’ve further enhanced our benefits in 2021 and will continue to support our members when they need us most.

We’re committed to our members and their journey with us. We work hard to ensure claims are processed and paid timeously. Our highest priority remains the best interests of our members.

Our promise is intelligent medical aid, and we don’t take it lightly.

To help you understand Profmed and what we stand for, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions we receive.

No. We understand that most family budgets are calculated at the beginning of the year, which is why we implemented a small increase in January instead of holding off and needing to recoup costs later in the year. Even with this increase, our contributions are still competitive in relation to other large South African medical aids. Our goal is to support our members throughout the year, not just for six months of the year.

Absolutely. It’s important to be aware of a few details:

  • You can switch medical aids at any time. Your benefits and savings will simply be pro-rated based on when you make the move.
  • However, if you have used more than your current pro-rated savings when you move (for example, you switch in July, but you’ve used more than half your savings), you will need to pay back the difference. Similarly, if your current medical aid has put a freeze on increases until July, when the increase kicks in you will also be subject to pay back the difference if you switch later.

As a traditional medical aid, Profmed’s benefits are transparent. This means you know exactly what benefits are available to you.

Each of our options provide unlimited hospital cover, and with the exception of ProActive and ProActive Savvy, offer varying degrees of day-to-day cover to meet the unique needs and affordability levels of professionals.

Our benefit structure is uncomplicated, so you know what benefits are available to you.

Profmed’s strong reserves and well-managed solvency ratio also ensure that when the time comes for you to receive proper healthcare, there will be funds available to provide this to you, even during a pandemic.

Over and above the monthly contributions, these are the few points to consider:

  • To make up for no increase in January, will your medical aid increase your contributions mid-year and then again in January 2022, effectively amounting to two increases in six months? (we won’t)
  • Does your medical aid cover contraceptives? (we do)
  • Does your medical aid require co-payments on in-hospital MRI and CT Scans? (we don’t)
  • Does your medical aid give you the personal touch with warm, friendly consultants who are always available when you need them? (we do)
  • Does your medical aid cover preventative care to support your health, instead of only paying for the claims once you fall ill?
  • Does your medical aid have co-payments for gastroscopies, colonoscopies, proctoscopies and sigmoidoscopies? (we don’t)
  • Does your medical aid have co-payments for dentistry admissions?