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At Profmed, we lean into South Africa’s position as ‘alive with possibility’.

Emigration is a world-wide phenomenon, and while we often hear words like ‘brain drain’ dominate our news cycles, we believe the bigger story is the opportunities open to young professionals in South Africa.

Professionals today are living different lives. They are spending time overseas and then returning to South Africa and starting and running businesses; they are training and employing young professionals; they have new opportunities and they are innovating on African soil. They are even becoming digital nomads. Emigration is no longer a permanent process, and in the case of Profmed, offering members 150 days grace allows this permeable way of working to still prioritise healthcare at its core. More business operations need to be flexible in order to ensure that their offering (in our case, medical aid for professionals) can be reached by those who continue to stay.

The notion of staying power is central to meeting the challenge of emigration; and our approach argues that instead of focusing on why it’s bad to go or what’s wrong with South Africa, we will lead by sharing why it’s absolutely worth staying.

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