Balancing Social Distancing With Holidays, Family Time and Friends

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We get it. You’re tired. You miss gatherings of family and friends. You miss people and crowds and the freedom of not having to worry about masking up or sanitizing.

You’re not alone. Unfortunately, the biggest reasons for the third (and in some regions, fourth) waves around the globe is lockdown fatigue. It’s completely normal to want to interact. That’s what being human is all about.

However, as we move into our winter months and with South Africa’s third wave upon is, it’s no time to let your guard down now.

The reality of Covid-19 is that what we do today (or in some cases, fail to do), will only show its impact in two to three weeks, and by then, it’s too late – how many people will an infected person have interacted with over that period of time, or put at risk?

Until South Africa reaches herd immunity, we can expect to see spikes in infections. And of course, new variants continue to pop up around the world.

We know you’re exhausted, but flattening the curve is still in our hands. We might be tired, but the virus isn’t.


6 ways to stay responsible and avoid the 3rd (and 4th) waves

So, what can we do, because lockdowns and complete social isolation are difficult – and in some cases impossible – to adhere to?

  1. Use your common sense. If it seems irresponsible (because over a year’s worth of experience is telling you so), then you’re probably right.
  2. Keep a routine. There are some actions that are simple to take and have proven to be effective. Maintain social distancing, keep 1.8m away from the people around you and wear a mask – more importantly, make these a habit. By now, they should be second nature anyway.
  3. Think twice about every in-person engagement you’re planning. If you need to see family or friends, keep your groups small and find an outdoor venue. The winter chill might be setting in, but with the right clothing on, South African winter days can be beautiful.
  4. Consider the elderly in your family. People over the age of 65 have proven to be more susceptible to the virus, even if they have no comorbidities. Are you protecting the elderly in your family and social circles by being responsible?
  5. If you see irresponsible behaviour, speak up. This doesn’t need to be contentious, but particularly if you are uncomfortable in the workplace, say something. Everyone is tired. Some slips might be unintentional, and a simple reminder will help us all maintain the correct routines.
  6. If you feel sick, self-isolate until you get tested. It’s the flu season, and hopefully most symptoms are exactly that – the flu. Unfortunately, many spread Covid-19 because they think they only have the flu, and they don’t want to cancel meetings or engagements. Rather be safe than sorry. Most Covid-19 test results only take 24 hours, and we can still do most things remotely.

To find out more about Covid-19 and the vaccines, visit our Vaccine FAQ page.