5 Sure-fire activities to keep your toddler entertained

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Toddlerdom is such a difficult time for a little one. They’re not babies anymore and they’re not big yet. They’re also hungry to learn new skills and ideas.

Keeping your toddler entertained with age appropriate activities is key to having a happy child. Below are five activities that you can do with your little one indoors and outdoors to keep them engaged, entertained and discovering the world.

Colour sorting

Buy a big box of coloured cereal and let your little one sort them into heaps of the same colour. This will help with fine motor skills and teach him/her about different colours.

Macaroni threading

Using household items is the best way to keep your toddler entertained without breaking the bank. Raw macaroni and simple string can keep him/her entertained for hours by treading the string through the hole in the macaroni and even making jewellery for mommy or granny!

Box playhouse

If you have a big empty cardboard box lying around the house, why don’t you turn it into a playhouse? You can create a safe little space for your toddler to play indoors, and the fun of decorating it will keep you both entertained for hours.

Sensory board

A sensory board or busy board is a fun, hands-on activity for babies and toddlers to help them touch, explore and learn about different objects all in one place. These easy to make boards have lots of developmental benefits for young children. It’s easy to make a sensory board with things you have at home or items you can get from your closest hardware store.

Sensory experiences are vital for young children’s brain development. They rely on sensory input to learn about their environment, and sensory boards help them to explore a range of textures and sensations and to stimulate their sense of sight, sound, smell and touch. Include items like light switches, doorbells, bath plugs and magnets to make it a full and fun experience for your toddler.

Zipping station

A zipping station may sound like a strange activity for a child, but the enjoyment they get from opening and closing zips is priceless. You can also make a zipping station by sticking a few zips in different sizes to a board – as easy as that.