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Profmed is a medical aid scheme created by professionals, for professionals. For more than 60 years we have been trusted by doctors, pharmacists, and medical professionals as their first choice in medical aid, catering to the diverse medical needs of our array of professional members whether you are a CA, lawyer, marketing professional or graphic designer.

Here are four reasons why Profmed is the medical aid for you.


  1. Profmed is a small, restricted medical aid

Profmed is a restricted medical aid, which means that scheme membership is only open to certain groups of individuals rather than to the general public. In Profmed’s case, members must hold a tertiary education or have relevant professional experience in their area of expertise. Closed medical schemes are required to follow the same rules as open schemes, which are governed by the Medical Schemes Act of 1998.

One of the biggest advantages of a restricted medical scheme like Profmed is that we are better able to manage our risk exposure because of our smaller member base, which means we can offer competitive rates for quality benefits. For example, we’re the only medical aid that pays up to 40% of premiums in day-to-day benefits.


  1. We offer a boutique service

Our “boutique” nature means members experience personalised service, ensured by an agile executive team who is quickly able to adapt and optimise. We are able to review member needs on a case by case basis, and when a case is particularly complicated or requires additional assistance, a dedicated Profmed consultant will support our members every step of the way.

“When I spent weeks in hospital with Covid-19, I didn’t worry once about the financial side of the medical care I needed. I was even able to leave the hospital and go home because Profmed organised an oxygen tank and concentrator for me. I watched other patients spend unnecessary days isolated in hospital because they couldn’t get the oxygen and care they needed at home. More than that, Profmed kept calling me, checking in and seeing how I was doing. Even once I was home, I was called and asked if there was anything I needed. Until you’re in a serious medical situation, it’s difficult to explain how terrifying it can be to need medical care but not know how you will pay for it or what will happen to you without it. I watched it happening around me and am so grateful I could focus on what matters. I can’t thank Profmed enough.”

 Nivashnee Naicker, a frontline worker and retail pharmacist


  1. We design benefits specifically for our members

We know that health is wealth, which is why we have grown and evolved with our members to  support their aspirations and dreams through affordable, high quality medical aid.

We have 10 benefit options to choose from, each specifically designed and enhanced for our members’ varying medical benefit. With a range of benefit options to choose from, you are able to choose the correct fit for your wallet, family and medical needs. There is an option to take advantage of our Savvy hospital network, saving up to 10% on premiums when using a network hospital as well.

We also review our benefits each year, analysing the various programmes we offer against our members’ needs. Programmes such as our Tums2Tots Baby and Toddler programme, PPS Wallet, Gap Cover, WHISPA Gender Based Violence Support Programme and Healing@home are all the result of this process and listening to our members.


  1. We have a strong financial position and excellent reserves

When comparing medical aid benefits Profmed has a proven track record in paying claims and supporting our members when they need us most.

It is impossible to predict the future, and so our focus has always been on building and maintaining strong reserves and being responsible in our spending. The Scheme is healthy, and we will continue to always act prudently to ensure that the Scheme is in a strong financial position to support our members.



Whether you’re just beginning your professional journey or nearing retirement, find out how Profmed can support your journey, today.

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