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What’s new on the app?

You can now consult your GP or specialist via the Profmed app.

Profmed has partnered with Medici to introduce virtual consultations from end of April, 2019.

Other features of the app

  • Send a copy of your membership card to your service provider via e-mail (even if you don’t have e-mail functionality on your phone) or via fax.
  • Expectant mothers can register on Profmed Baby on the app.
  • Find the nearest hospital emergency room from your location and navigate your way there in a medical emergency.
  • View and download your tax certificates, claims statements requested and other Scheme documents instantly.
  • Submit claims and other documents directly to Client Services.
  • The Benefits and Claims tab allows you, as the principal member, to view available limits, have easy access to claims submitted, and conveniently update your personal information directly from the app.
  • Receive informative Scheme communication.
  • Request your embassy letter directly from the app if you are travelling overseas.
  • Have easy access to social media.

The Profmed app is available for Apple, and Android devices. Download the app now.

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