As an undergraduate or honours student who has been studying four years or more towards your qualification, it is clear that you are committed to ensuring you make the best possible choices for yourself. By investing in yourself, you are making sure that you have access to bigger, better and brighter things – and one of these benefits is the best possible medical aid.

Profmed is an exclusive medical scheme only open to students who have an undergraduate (four-year) degree and are studying further, as well as professionals who have obtained a postgraduate qualification. Profmed offers these individuals exclusive, yet affordable medical cover.

Profmed believes that your most important asset is your health – without it, all your studying, qualifications and extramural achievements would be meaningless. Your health and wellbeing is a crucial factor to your current and future success. For eligible students in their fourth year of studies, or with a degree of four years or more, Profmed is here to protect your health and your bright future.

Choosing a medical scheme can seem like a difficult choice, but the good news is that your commitment to your studies means that you have access to the industry’s finest medical aid cover, at the industry’s lowest rates. With a specially tailored option for low-income students, Profmed invites you to join their world-class medical scheme, making the choice one of the simplest you’re likely to make as a student.

For only R488 per month, the exclusive medical benefits offered by Profmed to eligible students include unlimited cover for hospital treatments and admissions, international travel medical assistance, cover in the SADC Region and hospitalisation for leisure and adventure sport. In addition, Profmed medical scheme also offers a sabbatical benefit.

The high cost of medical care is no secret, with doctors’ visits and medications running into hundreds and even thousands of Rands. Every single aspect of medical care is charged for in some way or other, and these costs can be financially crippling for many working people – imagine the effect on a student with a much smaller budget. Joining Profmed will mean that you won’t have to worry about any of these expenses, and should the unfortunate situation arise where you find yourself in need of medical care, you can enjoy the best treatments and rest in the knowledge that you’ll be well looked after.

As a serious student, choosing a medical scheme could be one of the last things on your mind as the subject isn’t one that’s generally covered in the lecture hall, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. Like oxygen, having medical aid doesn’t feel like a priority until you need it most and don’t have it. The fact is everybody gets sick, emergencies come up and accidents happen. Joining Profmed can make sure that you have access to the best medical care available to keep your body and your health protected, prevent extremely high medical costs and protect your future.

Want to make sure you qualify? If you have a degree and/or qualification of four years or more; or two three-year degrees; or a three-year degree with a post-graduate qualification of not less than one year, you are eligible for Profmed. Degrees and qualifications from a university or technical university apply.

For more information about Profmed medical aid scheme, call 0800 DEGREE (334 733) or e-mail To join Profmed medical aid scheme, you can apply online now or complete the application form here in either English or Afrikaans and either fax it to +27 (0)12 679 4439, or e-mail it to together with all the necessary documentation.

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