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Hospital benefits for eligible aspiring professionals

ProActive and ProActive Savvy are benefit options that offer hospital benefits for aspiring young professionals. Profmed’s ProActive Savvy option offers the same benefits through a large selection of network hospitals, delivering affordable benefits for the professional. Both ProActive and ProActive Savvy benefits paid from risk, include hospitalisation with no deposits or co-payments, preventative care for early detection of dread diseases and specified vaccinations, contraceptives, chronic medication, a Trauma and HIV Assistance Programme, Profmed Baby programme and International Travel Medical Assistance. Doctors’ consultations and procedures are paid at 100% Profmed Tariff in hospital and dentistry is paid at 135% Profmed Tariff.

Benefits paid from risk

  1. Hospitalisation
    • No deposits or co-payments for hospitalisation
    • A large selection of network hospitals on the Savvy options.
      Co-payment will apply for voluntary use of a non-network hospital
    • Click here to see list of Savvy network hospitals
    • Doctors’ consultations and procedures paid at 100% Specific Tariff*
    • Hospital admissions for maternity
  2. Preventative Care for early detection of dread diseases, and specified vaccinations
  3. Contraceptives
  4. Chronic medication
    • Cover for the 26 CDL conditions
    • Plus relevant DTPs
    • Per formulary, algorithm and protocols
  5. Trauma and HIV Assistance Programme for trauma counselling and HIV exposure
  6. Profmed Baby
  7. International Travel Medical Assistance

*Procedures: Paid at code-specific Rand values

Savvy options. Same benefits. Network hospitals.

Day-to-day Benefits

  1. Dentistry
    • Dentists’ consultations paid at 135% Profmed Tariff
    • Dentists’ procedures paid at 135% Profmed Tariff

Savvy options. Same benefits. Network hospitals.