How to Claim?

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Claiming made quick and easy

Claiming for your medical expenses is quick and user-friendly.

Scan and

  • No claim form needed
  • Scan and email to


  • Take a photo of the claim with your phone
  • Upload via the App

Download the App here:


  • You can post your claim to:

Profmed Claims Department
Private Bag X1031

  • Profmed cannot be responsible for the reliability of the postal services.

Claims Paid by You

When submitting a claim already paid for by you, please remember to submit a valid invoice and receipt or clearly mark the invoice “PAID. PLEASE REIMBURSE MEMBER.” If you submit a receipt without the valid invoice, your claim will not be processed.

Claims not submitted within 4 months from the date of service are considered stale and cannot be paid.

In most cases, claims are submitted electronically by your healthcare provider. In this instance, please check your Claims Advice to ensure that only services that have been rendered to you are being claimed for. If there are discrepancies, please contact the service provider or Profmed Client Services.

Acknowledgement of Receipt of Claims

Once we have received your claim, you will receive an acknowledgement of receipt email from us as well as a Claims Advice once the claim is processed. If you do not receive both or either of these, please query receipt of the claim with us by calling Client Services on 0860 679 200.

Re-imbursement of Claims

If your banking details change, please remember to let us know. Claims payments to members take place every week and to service providers every second week. If you bank with a different bank than Profmed, the payment will reflect in your account 3 – 4 days after payment date.