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Winning The Future 

Winning the future  In the 1980s, Palesa Sibeko played Digger (an MS-DOS game) on her engineer father’s PC. At high school in a now-free South Africa, she had the chance to pursue technology, music, gaming and communication – and parlay her interests into a wide-ranging work life. And now she’s helping grow a new generation […]

Counselling A Nation

Counselling A Nation   The Professional – a podcast series by Profmed Medical Scheme about the future world of work – has been in conversation with experts at the cutting edge of the Fourth Industrial Revolution: engineers who design machines for artificial intelligence (AI), doctors who adapt their medical practices in response to machine learning, […]

Profmed provides peace of mind to one family – for 50 years

    Profmed Provides Peace Of Mind To One Family – For 50 Years   “I knew immediately that something wasn’t right when my wife walked through the door after playing tennis.” “She said she felt ‘funny’ and couldn’t finish the game. There were no other symptoms other than some slight puffiness. Her vitals were […]

This Doctor Will Make You Smile

    This Doctor Will Make You Smile   Machine learning, big data and artificial intelligence – those catchphrases of the fourth industrial revolution – will eat many of our jobs. That’s inevitable. Profmed’s podcast series The Professional has been looking into how the world of work is busy adapting in surprising ways to our […]

Always on? Switch off

  Always on? Switch off   Integrated medicine practitioner Dr Ela Manga says burnout can be avoided with holistic approaches to health   The fourth industrial revolution has exciting implications for the future of work. Artificial intelligence, and machines that can learn to do many of our jobs better than we can, will inevitably take […]

How Do You Study Something You Cannot See?

How Do You Study Something You Cannot See?   How do you study something you cannot see? – Prof Roger Deane Or why big data might just be the game-changer astrophysics has been waiting for Profmed’s podcast series The Professional has been looking into how the workplace is changing in new and surprising ways. The […]

Representation Matters

Representation matters   Who better than Thando Hopa, model, lawyer and activist, to explain why? Whether it’s adapting to disruptive technology, or meeting the expectations of a changing workforce, the workplace must keep evolving. Successful employers adapt, others flounder. Over the past few years, global conversations around injustices (such as the #MeToo movement) have been […]

Are robots coming for our jobs?

Are robots coming for our jobs?   In a word, yes. But it’s up to us to determine whether this is a utopian or doomsday scenario.   Even if you don’t work in IT, by now you will have heard of the fourth industrial revolution. Where the first one moved labour from farms to factories […]

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate, is there really a question?

  Vaccination – whether you should, or shouldn’t – remains a contentious and controversial debate among parents. Pro-vaxxers (those in favour of vaccination) will tell you that vaccines are safe, necessary and essential in protecting your children from potentially fatal diseases.    Anti-vaxxers (those against the practice), on the other hand, argue that vaccines – […]