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Are robots coming for our jobs?

Are robots coming for our jobs?   In a word, yes. But it’s up to us to determine whether this is a utopian or doomsday scenario.   Even if you don’t work in IT, by now you will have heard of the fourth industrial revolution. Where the first one moved labour from farms to factories […]

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate, is there really a question?

  Vaccination – whether you should, or shouldn’t – remains a contentious and controversial debate among parents. Pro-vaxxers (those in favour of vaccination) will tell you that vaccines are safe, necessary and essential in protecting your children from potentially fatal diseases.    Anti-vaxxers (those against the practice), on the other hand, argue that vaccines – […]

Join a Medical Scheme While You’re Still Young

Your Future Self Will Thank You Joining a medical scheme when you’re young is probably the last thing on your to-do list. You’re young and healthy, so why do you need medical cover, right? Well, the answer is simple. Your future self will thank you in the years to come.    Your health’s rainy day […]

Looking After Your Health

Healthy You, Happy You   Prevention is better than cure. Regular check-ups and screening could help you live a healthier life. By: Craig Comrie, CE and Principal Officer at Profmed    Balancing work, life and play is hard work. Keeping up with your career, looking after your family and making social plans can be draining. […]

The True Cost of Cancer

  The True Cost of Cancer: What you should know about the cost of cancer treatment in South Africa While it may be a topic most of us would rather avoid, cancer is a reality for many South African families. Do you really know how much cancer treatment costs and what the impact on personal […]

Are South Africans Boozing Too Much?

  Are South Africans Boozing Too Much? The World Health Organization (WHO) recently published its annual global status report on alcohol and health for 2018, and it appears we’re in deep water. South Africa ranked sixth among a host of other countries when it came to alcohol consumption.   We’ve seen the posts and the […]

Staying Healthy This Winter

  Staying Healthy This Winter: Understanding the flu, common cold and how to keep yourself and your family healthy   We’re in the midst of a seasonal change and with colder weather conditions nearing, you will need to help your body transition into the winter season when colds and flu become more prevalent.   Craig […]

Looking After Your Lungs Should Not Only Happen Once a Year.

Roughly 7 million South Africans smoke cigarettes and other tobacco products, according to the State of Smoking in South Africa Report. This amounts to almost 20% of the population. That’s 20% too much.     According to Craig Comrie, Principal Officer and CE of Profmed, every year thousands more people take up the habit, despite the […]

Look after Your Own Health, and save Lives by Donating Blood

  According to the South African National Blood Service (SANBS), less than 1% of South Africans are active blood donors. Do you donate regularly?    There may be plenty of reasons you choose not to or are unable to donate blood. Whether you’re scared of needles, or you’re unable to donate, there is nothing better […]

Know the Difference Between Open and Closed Medical Schemes

  Make the best decision for your wellbeing You may have probably heard the media mentioning open or closed medical schemes, and you may have found yourself wondering “what’s the difference?” To help you make the best decision for you and your family’s health, we’ve answered some of the most common questions related to open […]