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ProSecure Plus and ProSecure Plus Savvy 2019

Hospital and day-to-day benefits for the younger family

Benefits paid from risk

  1. Hospitalisation
    • No deposits or co-payments payable for hospitalisation
    • A large selection of network hospitals to choose from on the Savvy options. Co-payment will apply for voluntary use of a non-network hospital
      Click here to see list of Savvy network hospitals.
    • Doctors’ consultations and procedures paid at 200% Profmed Tariff
    • Private wards for maternity post-delivery
  2. Preventative Care from designated service providers
  3. Contraceptives
  4. Chronic medication
    • Cover for 39 chronic conditions plus relevant DTPs
    • Benefit limit applies
  5. Profmed Baby
  6. Trauma and HIV Assistance Programme from designated service provider
  7. International Travel Medical Assistance



Out-of-hospital MRI & CT scans


Profmed Baby


Preventive Care


Day-to-day medical aid benefits

Paid from day-to-day limits

  1. Doctors’ consultations – GP’s paid at R462; Specialists paid at R700 Procedures: 100% Specific Tariff *
  2. Acute medication
  3. Radiology and pathology
  4. Over-the-counter medication
  5. Optical
  6. Dentistry – dentists’ consultations and procedures paid at 135% Profmed Tariff
  7. Maternity programme covers 13 maternity consultations, 2 ultra-sound scans, a lactation consultation, a nutrition consultation, NIPT test, all paid from risk (new).

Optional benefit

Multiply Wellness and Rewards Programme rewards wellness and offers discounts from selected partners.

*Procedures: Paid at code-specific Rand values



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Membership of Profmed is only available to persons who have obtained:

  • A degree and/or qualification of four years or more
  • Two three-year degrees
  • A three-year degree with a post-graduate qualification of not less than one year

*Eligibility rules apply.

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