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So, you just found out that you’re preggers for the first time. Overwhelmed by all the emotions that come with officially becoming a parent, you soon realize that becoming a mum is a big deal and a life-time commitment.

Now, the initial joy is starting to wear off, and slight anxiety and panic set in.

Your tummy starts showing and you now know that within the coming months, your baby will be in your arms, whether you are ready or not. But worry not super-mum-to-be, Profmed is here for you. As part of our commitment to making your journey as smooth as possible, we will provide you with helpful information and a few extra gifts to boot. In the meanwhile, here are 3 things to know during your 3 trimesters.

The first trimester: 

During the first 13 weeks, you may not look pregnant but your body will tell you that you are. In this period, you can expect plenty hormonal changes. One common change is that you stop menstruating. Don’t be surprised if you begin to experience extreme tiredness, tender or swollen breasts, mood swings, weight fluctuation, an upset tummy or even constipation. 

Note to self: The discomfort you feel now, shall soon pass as your pregnancy progresses.  

The second trimester: 

Between weeks 13 to 27, you will be at your most comfortable because the symptoms of trimester one will gradually start to disappear. Occasionally women experience heartburn and leg cramps. Instead of feeling tired, you will have more energy.  During the second trimester, you can expect to feel the baby moving. A special part of this trimester is that your bundle of joy can hear and recognize your voice.  During this time, your belly will start getting bigger as your clothes get smaller. So remember to be good to your ego and your baby bump and invest in good maternity wear from here-on-out. Doctors’ visits and screening tests are recommended at this stage, but be sure to consult your doctor or OBGYN regarding your medical history, family history, and genetic issues that could put you or your baby at risk.

Note to self: With cravings often comes weight gain, thus we encourage light exercise like walking and maintaining a healthy diet, as this will benefit you and your baby.

The third trimester

The lasts few weeks before giving birth can busy, between final doctors’ visits and preparing for the baby’s arrival you can expect to be knackered and you may just want to escape from it all. Sadly, travel during the third trimester is restricted, so the best thing you can do is buckle in and enjoy the last bit of the ride. Finally, you can expect heavy breathing as well as frequent bathroom visits. This is due to the increased pressure on your organs as the baby gets bigger and bigger. 

Note to self: take up a birthing class. This will prepare you and dad-to-be for labour and delivery.

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