20 Questions you should ask on your maternity ward tour

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Are you getting ready for your baby’s big debut? Touring the maternity ward of your chosen hospitals is an important way for pregnant women and expectant fathers to prepare themselves for the big day.

There are lots of things to remember and since getting your questions answered is the whole point of taking a maternity ward tour, planning out your questions beforehand is definitely a good idea. Here are a few to get you started. Perhaps print the list and take it with you on your visit!

  • When we arrive, do we need to check in at the front desk, or can I go straight to the Labour and delivery ward?
  • Do we need to call the hospital before we arrive so they can get our files ready and alert the doctor?
  • Do we check into the ER or go straight to Labour and Delivery after hours?
  • What are the policies on cameras and video cameras in the delivery room/ward?
  • Are cell phones allowed?
  • Will baby be able to room with me the whole time?
  • Can the father stay the night?
  • What are my chances of getting a private room? Will my insurance cover it? Can this be pre booked?
  • What security measures are in place for the maternity ward? Are there security armbands?
  • What are the visiting hours, and what are the special Granny visiting hours?
  • What sort of breastfeeding support is offered? How does it work?
  • Is there an available lactation specialist in the hospital if needed?
  • Where and when are my other children allowed to be with me?
  • Is there any extra paperwork involved to get my partner’s name on the birth certificate? (If you aren’t married)
  • Can I pre-register a couple of weeks before delivery?
  • How many people are allowed in the delivery room?
  • Can the expectant father or birth partner accompany the baby at all times while he or she is being bathed, etc.?
  • If you’re at a teaching hospital, what procedures are done by the attending vs. the residents?
  • What is the hospital’s policy for having food or drinks during labour?
  • What is the checkout procedure?

This is a great opportunity to go and ask all your questions and put your mind at ease. Be sure to check with your hospital to see when they offer tours.

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