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Did you know these everyday things could stop you from falling pregnant?

“Have you seen this?” asks my husband in an email the other day. It’s an article linking Ibuprofen to miscarriage. “How often do you take Mybulin?” is the next question. My friends know that my medicine cabinet is stocked for any common illness but I’ve only ever taken Ibuprofen for very strong pain.

I never thought that it could interfere with the  implantation of the egg. I knew that I needed to start eating healthier and to take a prenatal vitamin supplement but what else was I ingesting that could be preventing me from falling pregnant? Off to Uncle Google I went and here’s what I found:

Caffeine – The stimulant in coffee affects a woman’s ovulation because it changes hormone
levels, which directly affects trying to conceive. (How am I going to survive without my coffee or
tea? Sob! Rooibos it is then.)
Soy – “For those trying to conceive, the excess oestrogen activity (from soybeans) is
enough to induce a hormone imbalance that may affect egg production and ovulation,” write the authors of Getting Pregnant: What You Need to Know Right Now. (Luckily I’m not a fan of soy despite my mother’s attempts to get me to lay off the dairy.)
Peas – Apparently there is a natural chemical in peas called m-xylohydroquinone that can
prevent pregnancy. (Hmmm, I do like peas but I suppose I could survive without them.)
Peanut butter – Peanut butter has the ability to deplete calcium absorption. According to

Charles Stuart Platkin it “contains oxalate which combines with calcium to form calcium
oxalate and thus prevent its absorption”. Calcium is essential for your baby’s  development and growth so cutting down on the PB is probably a good idea. (What?! No more peanut butter! That is a travesty of epic proportions!)

It’s strange to have to think about these things. I still reckon the key to falling pregnant is  not obsessing about it. Healthy eating and being aware of the things that could be harmful is the best strategy.

This article was originally published on Parent24

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