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Party Planning 101

You’ve probably already started thinking of planning your child’s next birthday party, but before you go on a Pinterest binge think about the real reason you are planning a birthday party. The reason for the party is to celebrate your child’s birthday and not to show off your designing and event coordinating skills! As much as you need to make it as special as possible for your little one, you also need to make sure they enjoy the day and get to do all the fun things they love.

Here are a few pointers for when you are planning the next birthday party:

1. Choose an age appropriate theme for the party

If your munchkin is turning 7 let them choose the theme for the party – not only will it make your job easier but it will also include them in the party arrangements. Look for clues of what your child likes at the moment – if they love watching Peppa Pig that could help you in finalising a theme.

2. Look for a fun venue 

Hiring a venue can take a lot of pressure off of you as a mom –  in most cases they will assist with the set up and catering and there will be tons for the kids to do on the day. It’s a win-win situation!

3. Catering for the crowd 

Food equals happiness. It’s a simple fact of life. Make sure your guests are fed and they will enjoy the party for longer. Think of creative inexpensive party foods like a hot dog bar or DIY nachos counter.

4. Keep the kids busy 

Make sure the kids are entertained. In summer a pool party is ideal, jumping castles and inflatables are also good ways of making a party extra fun.

5. Be the cake boss 

Be it a home baked caked or a store bought baked beauty, the cake is a vital part of the celebration. Make sure you sing the birthday song and blow out all the candles to make the birthday guest of honour feel loved.

If you keep it simple and focus on a few special details the day will be fun for everyone including the birthday girl or boy. Don’t overspend on your budget and don’t work yourself into a coma. It should be a fun and exciting time not something that induces stress. Also try and include your little one in some of the arrangements which will increase the excitement.

Remember that kids actually need very little to be happy as long as there’s cake and some yummy treats they’ll have a ball. And take your camera along to make sure you capture the special moments!

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