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How often do you purchase clothes for your kids?

Last year, I spent way too much money on clothing and I still felt like my kids had no clothes to wear even though their closets were full!

How is that possible?

Well… I did buy them clothes but nothing that could really mix and match with other items in their closet.

This year, I wanted to spend as little as possible on clothing because let’s be real – kids grow way too fast! It’s pointless buying them a ton of clothing when they never get to use it all. I decided to change my way of shopping.

Have you heard of Capsule Wardrobes?

I’ve done a ton of research on this and started the change slowly this winter when I went shopping.

A capsule wardrobe is a mini wardrobe that is made up of versatile pieces that you love to wear. I’m not a fashion blogger so I don’t know all the specifics but what I do know is that basically, you would need to work on the “building blocks” of a basic wardrobe. It can actually take you months to build up that perfect capsule collection.

Why you should consider creating a Kids’ Capsule Wardrobe:

  • Less laundry means more savings!
  • You will get your money’s worth out of the clothes you buy for your kids – they will actually end up using everything in their closet.
  • It really does simplify picking outfits daily and saves you time.
  • Its budget friendly – you won’t be shopping often.
  • More closet space means less mess.

It’s important that before you start creating a capsule wardrobe, you think about your child’s lifestyle, taste, and environment they are in every day. My kids love the outdoors and that is something I have to keep in mind for my Spring and Summer shopping and so I’m looking for comfortable high-quality clothing that is affordable.

How to create a Kids’ Capsule Wardrobe:

1. Work with what you have.

Take out everything from the closet and reorganize. Make 4 piles.

1. Keep pile

2. Donate pile

3. Reuse pile

4. Sentimental pile

2. Make a list!

Make a list of pieces you want to replace or add to the collection. I think it is also important to decide on a colour palette for the season.

My daughter, Kitana loves bright colours with lots of print. She also loves dresses and tutus!

3. Shop consciously

Don’t just buy a piece because it is cheap. Think about the collection you are building and your child’s personality. Rather invest in a few matching pieces of high-quality clothing brands that will last you a lifetime and that can be reused for the next child.

4. Let the kids pick their favourites!

The best part about shopping is choosing clothes! Get the kids involved and enjoy this new lifestyle change together.

Your child’s basic wardrobe should include:

  • A combination of bottoms (shorts, jeans, pants, skirts, capris) – 7 to 8 pieces.
  • 10 Tops/shirts (combination of different styles).
  • 3 to 4 Dresses/tutu – Depending on your daughter’s taste. I would buy dresses that could work with tights too.
  • Shoes – a pair of sandals, a pair of sneakers and flip-flops.

You would also have a few outfits for special occasions and “play” for outdoor fun when they are at home.

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