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About Profmed Medical Aid Scheme

Profmed is a restricted medical aid scheme that is open to professionals. All prospective Profmed members must have a tertiary qualification and relevant professional experience.

Profmed’s medical aid benefits, coupled with excellent service and attention to detail, are offered at affordable rates.

Low rates are also available to eligible students.

Profmed’s vision is to address the healthcare needs of professionals through appropriate and comprehensive benefit design.

Benefits of being a profmed Member

The benefits offered include unlimited cover in hospital, international travel medical assistance, cover in the SADC region and hospitalisation for leisure adventure sport.

In addition, Profmed medical aid also offers a sabbatical benefit, with no underwriting upon return to South Africa provided that the member’s health has not changed significantly. Unique to Profmed, is our day-to-day dentistry benefit that has been included on our “hospital” options. 


Quality and affordable medical cover


Medical cover tailored to suit the lifestyle of professionals


Financially stable solvency levels in excess of statutory requirements

Benefit Highlights


Profmed Partners

Visit the below links to find out more about Profmed’s partners and the services they provide to Profmed.

SOS @3x

International SOS provides emergency medical assistance to Profmed members from South Africa while travelling internationally, and members who reside in the SADC Region when travelling outside of the borders of their country of residence.


Lifesense is Profmed’s designated service provider for the Trauma and HIV Assistance Programme
and provides 24-hour assistance to Profmed members.

Medikredit is Profmed’s pharmacy benefit manager. Medikredit manages the acute and chronic medication benefits and benefits in terms of the PMB conditions.

The Multiply Wellness and Rewards Programme provides incentives for healthy living and rewards the achievement thereof. 

Netcare 911 provides emergency medical transport to Profmed members within South Africa. 

Opticlear manages Profmed’s optical benefit. 

PPS Healthcare Administrators (Pty) Ltd (PPSHA), a wholly-owned subsidiary of PPS, provides administration services to Profmed. 

PPS Logo

PPS is a financial services company that focuses exclusively on graduate professionals. PPS provides synergistic opportunities in the interests of Profmed members.