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Mental health awareness still lagging in South Africa

28 August 2017: Depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder are just a few of the words commonly thrown around in today’s society. They are used to self-diagnose or rationalise the behaviour in others. However, mental illness is a far greater issue in South Africa than most people would believe. According to the South African Depression and […]


Early detection crucial in the fight against cervical cancer 02 October 2017: September sees South Africa raise awareness of cervical cancer among South African women and how this serious disease can be overcome. According to the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA), cervical cancer is the second most common cancer among South African women. One […]

5 Tricks for Getting Babies & Toddlers to Look at the Camera

These pro tips will help you say goodbye to bad pics of your kids Fess up, Mama: You used to take artsy shots of sunsets, award-winning dishes at Michelin-star restaurants and candidly staged shots from vacations to exotic hot spots around the world. These days? You get that “storage full” message from your iPhone weekly […]

6 tips to help you survive your baby’s first weeks

Coming home with a new baby, particularly if it’s your first, can be an incredibly daunting experience. A lot of new parents these days haven’t held a new-born baby at all until they hold their own. But don’t despair, you are not alone. Everyone feels overwhelmed at some stage in those first few weeks and […]

7 things you should know about having a healthy baby

1. Get the timing right Pregnancy is only possible during the five days before a woman ovulates through to the day of ovulation – the time known as a woman’s fertile window. During that window, the chance of conceiving rapidly increases in the three days leading up to, and including, ovulation. For women who find […]

33 things you should know when you’re pregnant

The pregnancy test is positive and you feel like you’re stepping into uncharted territory. What do the next month’s hold in store? Fear not – in this article we explain what’s going on and we offer a few priceless tips for the eight or so months that still lie ahead. Here are 33 things you […]

Dads – how to help your partner through the Baby Blues!

So, your partner has just given birth to your first baby. Everything is going swimmingly well. Your baby is healthy. Your partner is glowing with the joys of new motherhood. You are bursting with pride. What could possibly go wrong? Day 3! The Baby Blues affects up to 9 out of every 10 new mums […]

Starting solids – is your baby ready for solid food?

How do you tell if your baby is ready to start on solid food? It can be hard to know, especially if it’s your first baby. That’s while we have compiled this list of signs to look for to see if your baby is ready for solid food. Introducing your baby to their first tastes […]

Tired signs in babies and toddlers

Tired signs: why they’re important Children show they’re tired through changes in behaviour. For example, your child might be suddenly irritable, overactive or demanding. It’s important to look for your child’s ‘tired signs’. These signs let you know when it’s time to reduce stimulation and start settling your child for sleep. If you wait until […]