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Discharge During Pregnancy: What’s Safe, What’s Not

Wondering if that unusual discharge is a natural part of pregnancy? Here’s how to tell. Most expectant moms spring for new undies: not sexy ones, but practical “granny panties.” They not only accommodate a growing belly, but they can also be good throwaways considering all the unexpected things that are going on down below during […]

Giving Birth Before Your Due Date: Do All 40 Weeks Matter?

New guidelines redefine “full-term pregnancy.” Understand the impact that your delivery date can have on your baby’s health. Your due date is in sight and you only have a few weeks to go. In fact, you’re so close, you’d be happy to get the show on the road and have your baby now. What’s the […]

Do These Labor-Inducing Foods Really Work?

The first time you hear your due date? Well, it’s pretty surreal: This random day on the calendar, a day that likely never meant anything to you before, takes on the significance of The Day You’ll Officially Become a Mom (or so you think). You’ll repeat that magical date over and over again—to strangers, family, […]

Hold On to Your Baby: How to Calm a Crying Baby

Babies cry for so many different reasons, from teething, hunger, crankiness, pains or fever. They also cry on planes, in public places, around strangers, at the doctor’s room and often when you wish they wouldn’t. But sometimes it can be difficult and stressful to identify the precise reason as to why your baby is wailing […]