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Your child’s feeding timeline

When do children graduate from a liquid diet to eating solid food? When can they feed themselves? And when, oh when, will they stop making such a mess? Here’s an approximate idea of when to expect your child to be able to handle everything from eating solids and finger foods to using a spoon and […]

Is There a ‘Right’ Way to Wear Your Baby?

Check out this shot of Jamie Oliver’s wife Jools carrying the couple’s adorable son River in an infant carrier:   Happy birthday Mrs Oliver !! ? 42 today girl !! Jeeze where did all that time go since we first met, Hope you had a great day babe, love you and of course the dude […]

High risk, high contributions: Why medical scheme legislation needs a revamp

This is according to Graham Anderson, CEO and Principal Officer of Profmed, who says LJPs are designed to incentivise people to join medical schemes when they are young and in good health, boosting scheme reserves. LJPs were implemented in the Medical Schemes Act of 1998. “Before that, schemes were able to ‘risk rate’ members,” says […]

Work overtakes health as leading cause of stress for SA professionals

Work is the leading stress factor for South African professionals, with nearly one in 10 recently taking time off work from stress-related illnesses, according to the third annual Profmed Stress Index. The 2016 edition of the index, compiled from survey responses of nearly 3 000 of Profmed’s professional membership base, revealed that almost 32% of […]

Foetal development timeline

The transformation from a tiny fertilized egg to a fully formed baby is awe-inspiring. Here’s a look at the major milestones babies in utero typically reach, from conception to birth, and approximately when they happen. First trimester 3 weeks Your baby-in-the-making is a ball of cells called a blastocyst. The blastocyst already contains a full […]