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Profmed 2017 Stress Index

Work remains one of the leading drivers of stress-related illness among South African professionals The 2017 Profmed Stress Index indicates that work stress remains one of the largest health problems among South African professionals.   The Index, which is compiled from responses of nearly 3 000 of Profmed’s professional membership base, revealed that apart from […]

Understanding How Stress Negatively Impacts Your Brain (and what you can do to fix it)

  Stress is not always a bad thing when experienced in the right amounts and at the right time, it can actually help you to effectively achieve certain goals or perform certain tasks more effectively. However, when your brain starts to experience continuous, unregulated levels of stress, that’s when the problems begin, with stress effectively […]

Why Every Profmed Member Should Download The Profmed App Today

  With the rise in mobile usage, it only makes sense that businesses would follow suit, developing a platform that allows their customers to access, and interact with their brand in real-time, at the customer’s own convenience from wherever they are.   Our Profmed app was developed with exactly this in mind: convenience. To make […]


Brought to the general public’s attention in the 1980’s, AIDS is the most advanced stage of infection that is caused by HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus). At the end of 2015, UNAIDS estimated that there were approximately 36.7 million people worldwide living with HIV/AIDS and this number continues to grow. In an effort to educate communities […]


Once your baby takes his first steps, he is not going to stop! Here are some essentials to have on hand. Of all your baby’s firsts, his first steps are one of the most exciting. You’ll probably be able to anticipate the moment, as you’ll see your baby trying to balance and stand up straight. […]

11 tips for introducing your dog to your baby

If you’re pregnant, and the loving owner of a furbaby, there are many ways you can prepare your pet dog for the new arrival. Your dog will be faced with many changes – rooms may be closed off to him, his sensitive nose may be assaulted with all sorts of new smells. To limit the […]

An efficient public health sector can provide quality universal healthcare

31 July 2017: The need for universal healthcare in the country has become a necessity as economic uncertainty and the rising cost of living continue to take their toll on South Africans. While the National Health Insurance (NHI) has the noble intension of creating a healthcare system which is not only affordable but accessible to […]

Stress greatest threat to modern men

29 June 2017: Heart disease, asthma, obesity, diabetes and depression are just some of the many health problems facing modern men. All these issues have one thing in common, they can all be caused by stress. Stress remains the biggest threat facing men in this fast-moving world, according to Graham Anderson, CEO and principal officer […]

This Is Why You Should Invest in a Baby Carrier

When I became a first-time mom, baby carriers were never on the top of my shopping list but now, 3 kids later, I can’t imagine my life without a baby carrier. It is a must-have product for me! Baby wearing or baby carrying has been around for centuries, just not in the way we know […]

How Many Clothes do Kids Really Need?

How often do you purchase clothes for your kids? Last year, I spent way too much money on clothing and I still felt like my kids had no clothes to wear even though their closets were full! How is that possible? Well… I did buy them clothes but nothing that could really mix and match with […]