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The recent announcement by Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi of proposed amendments to Regulation 8 of the Medical Schemes Act (MSA) suggests that patients may no longer be paid out in full for all prescribed minimum benefits (PMBs) if the amendments are adopted. However, Graham Anderson, Principal Officer and CEO of Profmed, says the amendments are […]

Getting ready for your Baby’s first Haircut

If you’re not sure how your child will react to having his locks snipped, don’t worry: a little preparation for the big day can ease your worries and ensure a fun, incident-free trip to the hair salon. Choose the right salon If you don’t have a hair salon in your neighbourhood that caters to kids, […]

Baby development 3 to 9 months: your baby’s growth phases

Watching your baby go from one developmental milestone to another is thrilling. It’s amazing how quickly she’s growing and changing – be sure to enjoy these moments with your baby. 4 months Your baby is growing rapidly and changes will come thick and fast – physical, emotional and cognitive. Your baby is now interacting more […]

SA needs single organisation to coordinate organ transplants

The establishment of an independent organisation is urgently needed to coordinate the organ donation process and reverse the decline in the number of transplants in South Africa. This is, according to Graham Anderson, CEO and Principal Officer at Profmed, who says that the number of kidney transplants carried out in South Africa has dropped from […]