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Preterm Labour Symptoms and Causes

You’ve probably heard that as you near your due date, your uterus contracts occasionally as it grows, stretches, and “practices” for giving birth. These practice contractions are called Braxton-Hicks contractions and they are perfectly normal. However, about 10 percent of pregnant women experience preterm labour contractions. Unlike Braxton-Hicks, preterm labour contractions are the real thing. They […]

Common baby skin allergies

An itching, crying baby would break any mother’s heart. Here are the most common skin problems and how to treat them. Eczema: This allergic condition appears occasionally when a baby changes from breast milk to formula, or starts eating solids. It’s a scaly, itchy, red rash which often starts on the cheeks and spreads to […]

A Balanced Vegetarian Diet for Toddlers

If your family is vegetarian, you need to be careful to serve balanced meals. Toddlers need lots of nutrients for their busy, growing bodies, and unless you take special precautions, your child may not get enough of the following:   Minerals B vitamins Iron Calcium (in the case of a vegan diet) Egg yolks and […]

Stressed parents can lead to a stressed baby

If there’s been a big change in your family – a new job, a death, a divorce, or anything else stressful – be sure to tell your baby’s healthcare provider. You may not realize it, but that stress will affect your child. Watch him for any of the following signs of anxiety: Changes in sleep […]

Toddler Discipline: Being Consistent

If Mom & Dad haven’t already had a heart-to-heart about discipline, now’s the time. You may be surprised to discover that your views are quite different, and the one thing your child needs most right now is consistency. Naturally, you each had different experiences in your own childhood that will shape your approach to discipline, […]

Baby’s first steps and 8 other milestones

There’s nothing quite like watching your baby grow and learn. Every milestone, no matter how big or small, is a wonderful experience for your family. These moments aren’t just something to record in the baby book though, they also show you what’s going on in your baby’s development. During his first 12 months, each new […]

When do babies say their first words?

Few baby milestones are as thrilling as your child’s first words. Your baby might babble his first “dada” or “mama” around six to eight months. He may have added a few other words to his list around his first birthday. These tips will help you to get your baby talking. Up the chatting ante. Simply talking […]

Staying Healthy when Working During Pregnancy

With all of the physical changes that pregnancy brings, you may wonder whether you ought to stop working. The vast majority of women can continue to work during pregnancy, even until their due date. Women whose pregnancies are high risk (like those carrying multiples or those who have a history of preterm labour), however, may […]

Starting Solid Food: One at a Time

Although breast milk or formula will continue to be the most important part of your baby’s diet for at least the next few months, at 6 months is the time to start introducing solids. Start out slowly. Adults appreciate variety at meals, but a baby needs to ease into eating. Try these tips: Start with […]

Health review: 9 Month baby check up

Your 9-month-old is a child on the move: exploring, investigating and experimenting. At the nine-month visit, your healthcare provider will focus on your child’s nutrition, sleep and development. It’s also catch-up time for any vaccinations that you might have missed. At this visit, your provider will probably: Weigh and measure your baby for the growth […]