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Teaching Manners to Children

When our children were very young, we didn’t care much about their manners. As babies, their loud burps would usually elicit laughter, and as they learned to speak, we considered their inadvertent insults or seemingly rude behavior rather adorable. But as children get into preschool/day care and start having play dates and doing the birthday […]

3 Tips every new Mom Should Know

You’ve read a number of parenting books, scoured the Internet for advice and drilled your doctor. Becoming a mom is exciting, but also daunting. Motherhood is sure to throw some surprises your way, but here are three more nuggets of advice to help with preparing for your baby’s arrival. Babies don’t always sleep when they’re […]

Baby Clothing: What do you really need?

Going into a store that’s bulging with baby goods can be a little overwhelming. How do you know what you really need right away? Here’s a list of basic layette items to get you started for your baby’s early days. Some of the amounts may seem like a lot, but with extra items on hand, […]

Prevention Key to Ridding South Africa of Malaria by 2020

Great strides have been made in addressing the scourge of malaria in South Africa, yet prevention rather than cure needs to become the priority if the country is to eradicate the infectious disease by 2020. This is according to Graham Anderson, CEO and Principal Officer of Profmed, who says preventative measures such as cross-border collaborations, […]

20 Questions you should ask on your maternity ward tour

Are you getting ready for your baby’s big debut? Touring the maternity ward of your chosen hospitals is an important way for pregnant women and expectant fathers to prepare themselves for the big day. There are lots of things to remember and since getting your questions answered is the whole point of taking a maternity […]

10 Baby hacks to help you through that crazy first year

When the doctors hand your very first baby to you and send you on your way, they don’t give you a manual to figure this baby-thing out. Instead, you’re left to wing it with the help of Google and your nearest and dearest. When the doctors hand your very first baby to you and send […]

Does too much TV lead to the need for Occupational Therapy?

What is occupational therapy? Occupational therapy is a term becoming increasingly known to South African parents as one of the fields recruited to assist with early childhood development, particularly in the areas of play, motor and perceptions skills. A child’s occupation is play and they develop and learn through play. OT specialist Ray Anne Cook […]

Don’t ignore these symptoms in your sick child

Child Protection Week takes place from 29 May to 5 June under the theme, “Let’s protect children to move South Africa forward”. The Clinix Health Group says that being able to recognise when a child is severely ill is paramount to ensuring the child’s right to professional medical treatment and parents or caregivers have a […]

Making the move from cot to bed

Remember that each child will be different. The techniques that work for one might not work for another. That said, there are some basic guidelines that will help get you started. Is it time for the big move? There isn’t a set time or age recommended for moving your baby from his cot but it’s advisable to […]