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Sleep and your newborn

Understand your baby’s sleep patterns. One of the biggest shocks of becoming a parent is the disruption to your peaceful nights. Say goodbye to 7 hours of dreams and snores, and hello to that pitiful wail that tells you your baby is awake. Newborn babies don’t know the difference between day and night. A newborn […]

Toddler Air Travel: What to Know Before You Fly

If your travel plans take you and your toddler up in the air, read on for tips on flying high and happy. When a toddler’s coming along for a trip, you want to get to your destination fast — traveling by train or car may not be quick enough for you. Enter air travel. Though you may […]

What to do when baby’s head is engaged

What it means to be told your baby’s head has engaged. The last month of pregnancy is often the most difficult. By now your baby is fully grown and taking up every inch of available space, which may put strain on your ribs, back and pelvis. Fortunately it’s also the time when your baby’s head […]


While obesity remains a growing global concern, insomnia is a close contender. According to the Mental Health Information Centre of Southern Africa about 10 percent of adults suffer from insomnia. This percentage could likely be linked to the quality of life in South Africa. The current economic environment in South Africa coupled with the flailing […]

The 4 things your baby loves

Captivate your baby for her development. When they’re born, babies rely on their instincts and reflexes to make their way around the world, but as they grow, they turn more to us, and the world around them, to help them grow. You can help by upping her exposure to the things she loves. Vivid colours […]

Potty training hurdles to conquer

Just as soon as you think he’s gotten it right, your tot runs into yet another obstacle on the trek to potty training. But you can beat this! Potty training doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, it can take days, weeks, and sometimes even months to master – depending on both you and your child. One […]

How to handle the never-ending ‘why’ questions

A developmental explosion has your toddler asking all sorts of questions – and it’s a good thing. Children begin to explore their environment as a way to learn about the world around them from as early as four months. Placing objects in their mouths or picking up items are ways of touching base and investigating their surroundings. As a child’s vocabulary increases and […]

5 tips to survive the first trimester (with a toddler)

Being pregnant with a toddler is not easy. Do you remember what the first trimester of pregnancy is like? Exhaustion, hunger, the constant peeing, and let’s not forget the all-day/ morning sickness that leaves you weak. Do you have the time to be weak and just lie around, feeling sorry for yourself and wondering how you […]

5 sleep secrets for new moms

It’s quite normal to feel a bit like a walking zombie with a new baby, but there are a few tricks to help you catch up on lost sleep. Sleep secret #1 Get someone to take over a night feed You may see yourself as the sole source of your baby’s food, but this doesn’t […]